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Photofacial A Painless Solution To Your Dull Skin! Details

Photofacial A Painless Solution To Your Dull Skin!
  • Friday, 30th June, 2023.

Photofacial A Painless Solution To Your Dull Skin!

Are you tired of swiping Instagram filters to get a photogenic jaw-dropping look? If you wish to get a natural and permanent solution to your dull and aging skin, Photofacial is your way to go. It clears and helps you regain the inner glow of your skin. So, if you wish to be spontaneous to any clicks, read on to learn how photo facials can be your best painless support for blemish-free skin.


What is Photofacial?

Everybody wishes for a smooth, spot-free, even tone, firm skin. And there’s no harm in it! In fact, with the advancement in medical technologies, there are endless options now to cherish such attractive glowing skin. 


Photofacial is such an advanced skin treatment that includes a hand-handled light-emitting device. The energy source of that light stimulates collagen production in your skin and treats discoloration on the surface. This cosmetic treatment is a perfect non-surgical solution to skin problems like fine lines, open pores, wrinkles, acne scars and much more. It is a painless procedure that can improve your overall appearance and confidence.

A Note: Photofacial treatment is not effective on dark skin tones or tans.


Types of Photofacial Treatment

There are two types of photo facials—

1. Intense Pulse Light (IPL) Photofacial

The spectrum of light penetrates deeper into the dermis layer of your skin, enhancing the blood flow of the cells and treating your melanin.

2. Light Emitting Diode(LED) Photofacial

The LED Photofacial works on the epidermis layer. This is the most liked cosmetic treatment used to fight acne scars, dark spots and skin patches.


What is the Process of Photofacial?

With age the natural production of collagen reduces. Through photo facials, the decreased rate of collagen formation is boosted. 


The light emission of the IPL and LED device is absorbed by your skin and is transformed into energy. The heat energy breaks the pigmentation and treats the damaged hemoglobin. Once the affected red blood cells are treated and smooth blood flow is restored, the dark spots and fine lines are removed. Over time you will experience your natural glowing skin because of the improved collagen.


A cooling gel is applied to the treatable area. As the gel numbs the surface of your skin, you are less likely to experience any irritation. 


The Benefits of Photofacial

Though photo facial is not an anti-aging solution, this treatment can resolve various signs of aging. 


1. Reduced Hyperpigmentation

As the light penetrates the deeper layer of the skin and exfoliates your collagen the root cause of hyperpigmentation is healed from inside. Thus your overall skin texture is enhanced. This, in turn, improves the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and sunspots.

2. Controls Acne Breakouts

Acne breakouts can affect one’s self-confidence. When you have a chance to get a radiant look then why hesitate? Photofacial is a non-invasive procedure. As it treats the large open pores the inflammation of acne-causing germs is eliminated. The stimulation of collagen levels maintains the photogenic glow afterward.

3. Evens Uneven Skin Tone

Too much of nothing is good. We often see people with excessive redness or brown dots. You may think it works as a makeup blush. No, my friend! That is a skin problem. Yet you can’t say you don’t use makeup to even out the tone.

Photofacial targets such spots from within and helps reduce the discoloration for an even tone.


4. A Collaborative Treatment

The best part of Photofacial is that you can combine this treatment with microdermabrasion. Such a tag-along cosmetic procedure nurtures the skin in and out. While microdermabrasion clears the upper surface of your skin, photo-facial enhances the collagen and blood cells at the deeper layer and leaves you cherishing a radiant, flawless look.

5. Remove Birthmarks

Certain things are beyond our will, such as birthmarks. This skincare therapy can also be used to remove unwanted birthmarks. If you feel uncomfortable with any such spots, Photofacial is your best bet. The light source breaks the melanin and powered blood flow softens the spot area. Over time it vanishes.


FYI —  It is science and not rocket science. To see the effect you need to be patient. Also, you might require more than one session to get the ultimate desired look.


The Risk Factors

Like every treatment, Photofacial comes with certain risk parameters too. But be rest assured, all the side effects will subside by a day or two. Here’s what you may experience— 

1. Swelling

2. Mild Redness

3. Reaction to pigmentation(dark-toned skin) 

4. Infection

The risk will result in a tanned or dark complexion. Hence, you must avoid this treatment if you are too extensively exposed to the sun or have availed of tan-bedding. 


Photofacial for Your Photogenic Look      

If you wish to get a blemish-free radiant look consider the pain-free - non-surgical - non-invasive cosmetic treatment Photofacial. It is the most safest and effective skincare solution with minimal downtime. So, before having second thoughts, why not contact the expert? Don’t let your doubts bore you till all the scopes are gone. 



1. How long does Photofacial Treatment take?
The therapy takes max to max 30 to 90 minutes. The time frame mainly depends on the area of skin to be treated. The larger the surface the longer the time.


2. How long does the result of the Photo facial last?
The result of a photo facial lasts for 6 to 12 months. However, if you wish to continue to hold your flawless look, a periodic session is advisable.


3. How Can I Prepare for Photo Facial Treatment?
Avoid alcohol, aspirin, blood thinning supplements or medicines. Do not go for tanning (in case you have got tanned, wait for it to wear off). Dark-skinned people must not avail of the treatment. It is less effective on dark complexion. Also, the absorption the light energy might cause severe burns instead.


4. What is the Cost of Photo facials in Kolkata?
The cost of photo facial treatment in Kolkata ranges from 2000-3000 at minimum. The cost varies depending on the treatment area and if you opt for combined treatment.


5. Is Photofacial Painful?
A BIG NO! If you have sensitive skin, you may feel a slight sting sensation. But there is the cooling gel to take off that irritation too. So, nothing to worry about when in expert hands.