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Experience the latest trend in Skincare Fillers Treatment Details

 Experience the latest trend in Skincare Fillers Treatment
  • Tuesday, 10th October, 2023.

Experience the latest trend in Skincare Fillers Treatment

The world of glamour is an ever-evolutionary anatomy of beauty. It is no longer concentrated on commercial beauty hacks but has evolved medically. Dermal fillers treatment — A Non-surgical solution to address all your skin problems, for a fresh rejuvenating look! 


In this blog post, we will discuss the latest trends in dermal filler treatment and how they are making millions of hearts smile by delivering a natural-looking flawless appearance.


1. Personalized Treatment
Dermal filler injections feel like an ant-pinch and are a zero-downtime skincare solution. As every skin is different (from person to person; area to area of the body) expert skincare specialists are now focusing on customized approaches to skin rejuvenation. If you wish to redefine only your jawline, or if your cheeks need a slightly bouncy touch or just a treatment for your scar, you can have only the one you wanted. Furthermore, for an ultimate desired look getting two fillers treatment is also possible.


2. Enhancing the Inherent Beauty
Gone are the days of muscle freezing and expressionless beauty modification. Dermal fillers are made of semi-natural substances, which over time will dilute with your skin’s natural moisture elements. Instead of overfilling your dermis layer, dermatologists prefer a required set of sessions for an eased overall aesthetic redefinition.


3. Clubbed Therapies
Nowadays, there’s no one solution for this. Akin to filler treatment, hydrafacial microneedling, or lesar treatments are also non-surgical and painless dermatological solutions with profound effects. Clubbing one treatment along with dermal filler treatment is a new trend in the field of filler treatment. It will help you fight various skin aging concerns like wrinkles, dullness, patchy spots, uneven skin tone, and much more. 


4. Bodily Application
Earlier filler treatment was focused on only facial aesthetics. But, with the advancement in medical science, dermal fillers are now utilized to redefine different body parts. It can be used to restore volume in calf muscle, hands, breast augmentation, buttocks filling, cellulitis treatment, and more. 

Now that you know why filler treatment has gained so much popularity among others let us aware you of its risk factors too.    

Risk Factors of Fillers Treatment

Generally, filler treatment is the most soothing, less complex cosmetic clinical treatment of all. It is done by applying numbing gel on the skin surface and after meticulous surveying of the patient’s health system. Also, Dermal Fillers are less likely to affect your skin as they mainly consist of a semi-natural substance– Hyaluronic Acid filler. Fillers used for body contouring, at times are infused with the patient’s own fat. This helps the skin and soft tissues to absorb the dermal fillers naturally and restore a youthful radiance of natural appearance too.  
Yet, after all the pros, there are some cons that you must know. Here are some troubling causes of Fillers Treatment—

1. Swelling

You may experience some swelling after the numbing gel wears off. It can happen if you have suffered any allergic reaction in the past or have some latent allergic diseases, or the filler partially reacted to your soft tissues. So, it's necessary to inform your therapist about all your medical conditions without fail.

2. Bruising

Bruising and swelling both are normal after-effects of dermal filler treatment. No need to worry! Experts say it will get normalized after a day or so.

3. Rash or Itchiness

As the whole procedure is a needling process when the cooling effect of the gel fades, those treated points may feel itchy. Usually, in such cases, dermatologists prescribe certain soothing lotions to ease your trouble.

4. Skin Necrosis

In the rarest of rare cases the incision of fillers, if done in the blood vessels instead of the dermis layers, the blood flow can get blocked. This can cause skin loss, blindness, or partial paralysis too. Hence, it is very important to understand your success scope and get the treatment done by the best dermatologist's hands.

5. Asymmetry

At times filling up the skin layers might go wrong. It may disrupt the symmetry of your facial structure due to overfilling or wrongly filling. But here’s a fun fact for you– Filler treatments are rewindable! Yes, it can be undone if you are not satisfied with the outcome. A solution named Hyaluronidase helps dissolve the the filler (in other words breaks the hyaluronic acid) in the skin and reverses back to your old look. 

In Conclusion

Dermal filler treatments are in a constant state of evolution and are prioritizing personalized care. But as a broader spectrum of treatment choices is now accessible to patients, it is more necessary to seek advice from a seasoned practitioner who can guide you through the truth and lay off only the facts that are possible in real. 

So, instead of hovering around Wikipedia or other websites, consider consulting the best skin specialist in Kolkata, Dr, S. Gorai. Ask what you wish to know, and learn about your scope of facial and bodily aesthetics enhancement. Because Greying youthfully is no longer a distant dream!