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Dr. Surajit Gorai - Dermatologist in Kolkata


If you are looking for the best dermatologist in Kolkata, you have landed in the right place. Meet Dr. Surajit Gorai - One of the finest Gold Medalist Dermatologists available in Kolkata and its nearby areas. He is one of the best-trained cosmetic and plastic surgeons; He was trained in Seoul, South Korea. His signature 3D glowing technique is the reason behind the youthful face of many actors, actresses across the country and listed as top ten cosmetic surgeon in Kolkata.

With excellent academic records, Dr. Surajit Gorai completed his MD in Dermatology, Venereology, and Leprology, followed by MBBS from West Bengal University of Health Sciences. After completing MD, he went for DNB, followed by membership of the National Academy of Medical Sciences (MNAMS).
The way in which Dr. Surajit Gorai treats Skin cancer, mole is regularly treated by Dr. Surajit Gorai, the best skin specialist doctor in KolkataWhen you are searching the top ten skin specialist doctor in Kolkata, you will always find Dr. Surajit Gorai. Dr. Gorai’s His aesthetic magic has been the silent reason behind the captivating beauty of several enigmatic personalities such as skin specialist doctor in Kolkata.
In his 10 Years of career, he has dealt with thousands of patients and has helped them cure skin-related problems. The eminence of Dr. Gorai has procured him the opportunity to win the prestigious award of Prof. R.N. Dutta Gold Medal Award at DERMAZONE in 2014 and the IADVL KIWI poster award DERMACON in 2015. His excellence was then honored by the International Society of Dermatology (ISD) the USA with the award that was given to only two Indians and he went to Ludwig Maxmillian University (LMU), MUNICH,  Germany for his fellowship. The LMU, founded in 1472 and gave birth to more than 40 Nobel Laureates including Auto Hann, Max Planck, etc. That University is having the largest dermatology dept in the world. It has 17 individual dermatology sub-branches that are all world-class in their part.

Consult with the Best Dermatologist in Kolkata

If you are thinking about consulting the top/best dermatologist in Kolkata then Dr. Surajit Gorai is definitely the best choice. He has a wide range of services in his armamentarium. Clinical dermatology, hair and cosmetic issues like Pimples/Acne, Psoriasis, Cosmetic induced problems, Skin rash, Eczema, Rosacea, Melasma/machete, pigmentation, suntan, sunburn, allergy are definitely dealt well by him. Hair issues like alopecia/hair fall, Hair Loss in Men, Androgenetic alopecia, Alopecia areata are diagnosed and treated with modern equipment. Sexually transmitted diseases are best dealt by him. Skin cancer, mole is regularly treated by Dr. Surajit Gorai. He uses many best laser machines in the world for the best dermatologist in Kolkata. Laser hair reduction/removal is the best method now to remove unwanted hairs in any part of the body. It's painless and office procedure means you can join your work immediately after having laser shots.

Why Choose Dr. Gorai as the Best Cosmetic Surgeon in Kolkata

For Tattoo Removal

Tattoo removal is nowadays an issue that's increasing due to various reasons.
Many patients want to remove old tattoos for a newer ones. Many remove it for govt jobs, many to erase his or her girlfriend or boyfriend's name.

For Glowing and Healthy Skin with 3D Glow Treatment

Now glowing and healthy skin can be given to anyone with sophisticated laser machines and that too immediately!! Before a party or occasion, he can give you his instant signature style 3D glow treatment.

Remove Ugly Scars without Surgery

Ugly scars from a burn, trauma, and accidents can be removed now without surgery. With modern machines like fractional CO2 laser, micro-needling RF we can now erase the scar marks like a pencil mark. Unwanted moles can be removed easily within few minutes without any marks.

Remove Pigmentation

All sorts of pigmentation in the skin like freckles, suntan, Melasma, Post-inflammatory pigmentation can be removed with ease.

Modern Anti-ageing Treatment

Ageing is a fact but looking aged is not!! Now you can be young and beautiful always with modern treatment. 

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Royal College of Physicians
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Paediatric Dermatology in Munich, Germany